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We are very grateful to the hundreds of donors who supported the Waterway WOW! campaign during UC Davis Give Day, Big Day of Giving or anytime during our campaign period of April 21-May 4, 2017. Thank you!

If you've always wondered what YOU can do to help improve the Arboretum Waterway, we invite you to join these other community donors in making a gift to support our Arboretum Waterway Maintenance and Improvement Project.

After years of input, planning and evaluation, the Arboretum Waterway is on its way to becoming a place that reflects the environmental expertise of UC Davis as well as a resource for student and community engagement. Contractors are currently working on a phase one renovation which will introduce flow and elevation changes into a portion of the water channel.

Once they’re done, your gift to the Waterway WOW fund will help us replant the waterway’s banks in the construction zone as well as launch a pilot internship program where students will gain experience managing and enhancing this complex system.

You can give right now using the DONATE button above.

Your gift will help make our community’s vision for the Arboretum Waterway a reality. Thank you!

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