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Eliminating food insecurity while sustaining our planet is one of humanity's greatest challenges. As the nation's top-ranked agricultural university, UC Davis is poised to address this challenge. Imagine a world with food production systems capable of nourishing 10 billion people. A world where farmers and ranchers employ smart machines to learn the needs of each plant and animal and provide them with superior, individualized care. Imagine, too, a future transformed by research and innovations yielding more resilient crops, more humane livestock production and more responsible resource use. Smart Farm at UC Davis will lead the way into this new era of agriculture.

Contributions to this fund will support the Smart Farm vision to create the farm of the future. Your gift will help:

• Cultivate cutting-edge solutions to rapidly interpret plant and animal responses to their environment, accelerate crop improvement, enhance livestock welfare and advance smart farming practices.

• Develop technologies that facilitate the capture of big data, optimize nutrient and water-use efficiency, minimize agriculture's environmental footprint, and increase productivity and prosperity across the industry.

• Prepare a new generation of technically trained workers.

For more information on this exciting Big Idea for UC Davis visit, Smart Farm at UC Davis

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