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CPPSI is a science based, vegetable seed industry initiative developed to standardize the identification of plant pathogen strains and races based on sets of host differentials and reference pathogen strains. Although the consistent naming of plant pathogen strains and races has been a recognized need in industry and academia for some time, there has been no recognized global body that regulates the naming of plant pathogen strains. Consequently, a US based effort was initiated in 2007 by the International Seed Federation (ISF) in partnership with the American Phytopathological Society (APS) to address this issue. An APS ad Hoc Committee was formed to achieve this goal with a focus on disease systems for which claims of disease resistance are made by the seed industry. After a US based system was defined and four pilot differential host sets developed and launched in 2012 and 2013, the initiative took the name of the Collaboration for Plant Pathogen Strain Identification (CPPSI). While CPPSI has the support of the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA), additional funds will facilitate the continued growth of this initiative. CPPSI is housed at the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center.

As director of CPPSI, Dr. Phyllis Himmel coordinates the development, distribution and administration of new and current differential host sets, reference plant pathogen strains and informative white papers. In addition, she works with members of European plant variety registration and trade organizations to collaborate with similar ongoing initiatives. CPPSI is now recognized by APS as a subcommittee to the APS Collections and Germplasm Committee.

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