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The One Climate Initiative: Climate Adaptation (Striving for a Resilient Future)

The Challenge

Global climate change is causing increasingly severe precipitation, heat, sea level rise, and other hazard impacts on our communities, infrastructure, and economies. In order to accelerate progress towards a more resilient, equitable, and thriving world, we must design innovative adaptation solutions and build knowledge partnerships that span the physical, natural, engineering, health, and social sciences, and involve multiple disciplines including civil engineering, atmospheric science, public health, environmental policy, community development, and urban and regional planning.

The Vision

The vision of climate adaptation research at UC Davis is to innovate and coordinate transformative actions across human and natural systems required to adequately respond to global climate change and deliver a resilient and prosperous world. As part of the One Climate Initiative’s holistic approach, climate adaptation researchers strive to include all voices at the interface of environment and society, including Native and Indigenous peoples and communities, concerned citizens, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, industry leaders, scientists, planners, and more.

Ongoing and future efforts strive to inform state-of-the-art technologies in assessing exposures to climate-driven environmental and human-based hazards across multiple scales; modeling climate risks and impacts on agriculture and food systems; enhancing wildfire resilience of buildings and infrastructure; as well as explore innovative approaches to addressing socioeconomic, health, and housing inequities in the face of increasingly extreme climate impacts. Through these efforts we aim to lead climate adaptation research and education, as well as to catalyze comprehensive climate adaptation action across local, state, national, and global levels through sustained research-policy partnerships and research-informed solutions.

The Opportunities

Ways to support UCD climate adaptation research’s immediate impact and sustain its critical work include:

  • Funding undergraduate and graduate research opportunities to prepare the next generation of climate adaptation leaders: Seeking $250,000 total (undergraduate scholarships: $5,000 each; undergraduate internships: $10,000 each; graduate fellowships: $50,000).

  • Supporting climate adaptation researchers in education and scientific endeavors: Seeking 1 million (postdoctoral fellowships: $75,000 each; Climate Adaptation Graduate Group: starting at $50,000).

  • Endowing faculty positions: Seeking $2 million (endowed faculty professorship or university chair: $1 million; endowed administrative director for the Climate Adaptation Research Center: $1 million).

  • Naming the Center: seeking $5 million, to support operating expenses, including support for research and administrative personnel.

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