Support the Arts and Free Expression by giving to UC Davis

UC Davis is unlike any other employer, because when you work here you become part of the university’s mission to contribute to society. If you are passionate about supporting medical research on some of the most challenging health issues of our time, you will find below some excellent opportunities to make a difference by giving to UC Davis programs. That is because UC Davis is leading the world in many diverse programs, including:

• educating the best and brightest students to be effective global citizens and leaders in science, education, business, government, diplomacy, and interpersonal and international relations through our Study Abroad program,

• enhancing the educational, personal, and professional development of Cal Aggie Marching Band alumni through charitable activities, social events, mentoring, and educational opportunities,

• immersing teachers in the world of Shakespeare, both at UC Davis and in London, through the Shakespeare's Globe Academy seminar,

• making performances, arts education, and community outreach possible the UC Davis Mondavi Center,

• outstanding academic programs and world-class performances in the UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance, and

• connecting visitors to the Manetti Shrem Museum with art as well as encouraging interdisciplinary exchange, participating in the process of art, and providing means to make an impact on curricular development.

These remarkable UC Davis programs are both worthy of your support and in need of it. Consider finding your passion here, and let giving to it be part the difference you make every day.

Because when you are part of something bigger, giving matters.

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Jenni Dingeldein
Director of Development, Philanthropy Programs
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