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Pediatric cancer research is vital for finding new treatments for treating children with cancer. The research currently conducted by Dr. Noriko Satake focuses on the development of new targeted therapies to treat cancer. Investigating more effective treatments that have fewer side effects and better outcomes for our youngest patients. The primary focus of this research fund is on the investigation and development of new therapies that target cancer stem cells, with the goal of eliminating cancer at its root and preventing treatment resistance and disease relapse.

The development of new therapies for pediatric cancers is important, as we aim to target cancer cells without harming normal cells, which is a side effect of current chemotherapies. These new therapies could be used to treat a wide variety of cancers in children. The therapies developed through this research could transform how we treat patients, increasing the survival rates of patients and improving their quality of life.

Donations to this research fund will help the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center provide better treatments for our pediatric cancer super heroes.

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