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The UC Davis Institute for Psychedelics and Neurotherapeutics is distinctly unique in its approach by performing multidisciplinary psychedelic science within a single institution.

The tools of modern neuroscience are becoming increasingly more specialized with each lab possessing a specific domain of expertise. Often, high-impact multidisciplinary publications involve collaborations between experts at various institutions, but given that psychedelics are schedule 1 controlled substances, this approach is challenging or impossible due to legal and logistical barriers. The IPN solves this problem.

The scientific environment of UC Davis is uniquely suited for achieving the goals of the IPN because the world-class neuroscience community here has all the facilities and expertise necessary to interrogate every aspect of psychedelic science. Moreover, UC Davis researchers have been leading the field in understanding the basic science of psychedelics.

Your support will help us achieve the goal of using the knowledge that we gain about psychedelic mechanisms of action to reverse engineer the next generation of psychedelic-related neurotherapeutics.

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