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Mark and Linda Champagne Award

“Thank you ASUCD for allowing me to work as business manager for the past 32 years. My gift back to the students is this award, that can be given out in perpetuity” - Mark Champagne

After working as ASUCD business manager for 32 years, Mark Champagne donated $25,000 to ASUCD to form the Mark and Linda Champagne ASUCD Customer Service/Exceptional Hourly Employee Award. The award is given to ASUCD hourly employees who show exemplary service to ASUCD. The funds used to match Champagne’s donation come from the ASUCD Awards Endowment Fund, which was created to ensure that ASUCD could continue to give out awards and scholarships in the future, despite economic hardships. To be eligible for the award, applicants must be students and ASUCD hourly employees who show great dedication to their work. Support ASUCD student employees and make a gift to the Mark and Linda Champagne Award today!


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