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GOALS provides a free summer program for high school girls and gender-expansive youth to learn science hands-on. During GOALS, scholars learn how to design and conduct field-based scientific experiments while developing leadership and outdoor skills. In addition to the summer program, scholars receive mentorship to navigate next steps in their STEM career.

We believe in the power of young people as leaders, scientists, and outdoors-people. GOALS is an opportunity for people who have had that experience of walking into a classroom, a lab, or an outdoor space and finding that one else looked like them.

Your gift to GOALS will help:

• Keep this program 100% free for scholars, the majority of whom are from low-income families

• Fund follow-up events for our scholars, trip leaders, and mentors

• Create a gear library for our scholars so no participant has to spend money on gear to enjoy the outdoors

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Lamia Hajani
External Relations and Development Program Manager
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