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The Globe Education Academy is a unique professional development opportunity for teachers from throughout Northern California. Participants are immersed in the world of Shakespeare, both at UC Davis and in London. Each summer, participants travel to Shakespeare's Globe for a two week training program with the Globe's outstanding theater practitioners.

Practitioners train in the following:

  • Collaborative team-building for the classroom: Practitioners sxperience creatively instructed classroom activities designed to provide a sense of ensemble and enable students who have never been on stage to participate confidently in performance work.

  • Myths and realities of Shakespeare's stage: Practitioners learn about the life and times of Shakespeare at the Globe and how the theatre building influenced plays and performances.

  • Lively action: Practitioners learn to draw on Globe Education's active approaches to teaching Shakespeare's plays as scripts for performance rather than texts for desk-bound reading and celebrate the "soul of lively action."

  • Essential questions: Practitioners explore the fundamental questions that educators and scholars pose, and engage in discussions that illuminate the text for understanding and performance.

  • Creative methods inspire teaching and learning: Practitioners explore and develop practical ways to teach Shakespeare's themes that will influence creative approaches to teaching across the school curriculum.

  • Theatre stuff without stuffiness: Practitioners develop innovative techniques to teach Shakespeare's language in the classroom, drawing on Globe Education's respected program for students and teachers.

  • Comprehensive resources: Practitioners receive resources and materials that will enhance their classroom curriculum.

"My experience with the Globe reconnected me to my creative, playful self. I can't wait to share my experiences with my students!"

"GEA is a transformative experience as a teacher, a performer and an individual."


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