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Dr. Paul Heckman served as professor and associate dean of the School of Education, and was a founder and co-director of the School’s CANDEL program for students earning their doctorates in educational leadership.

Dr. Heckman received his degree in Curriculum and the Study of Schooling from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1982. He joined the School of Education in 2004 after serving as a professor at the University of Arizona and at the University of Washington’s Center for Educational Renewal. His research focused on the educational ecology of communities, school restructuring, and school culture, change and cognition. He was a faculty affiliate with the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research, a member of both the Graduate Group in Education and the Community Development Graduate Group, and a member of numerous advisory boards. He served as an advisor for many EdD and PhD students during his career.

Dr. Heckman made many important contributions during the formative years of the School of Education and was deeply dedicated to supporting his students. He is greatly missed by faculty, staff, students, alumni and the education community.

Gifts to this memorial fund will be used to support the continuation of Dr. Heckman’s work. More details will be forthcoming and developed in conjunction with his family.

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