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Genia Wilson Willett, a Davis native, attended both UC Davis and UC Berkeley where she graduated with a degree in US History. She also earned an elementary education credential at Cal and taught in Berkeley, Barstow and Davis for 25 years. Most of her teaching was in the area of Special Education. Genia's father was the longtime UC Davis Track Coach, E.S. "Woody" Wilson.

Jim Willett also received his degree from UC Berkeley. He returned to Berkeley at the end of his Army service to earn his JD from Boalt Hall. He has been practicing law with the Sacramento firm of Downey, Brand, Seymour and Rohwer since 1961, specializing in the field of Estate Planning, Probate and Taxes.

The Willett Scholarship is awarded to a Track & Field student-athlete in honor and memory of both Woody Wilson and his devoted wife, Bernice. Both were longtime loyal supporters of the Aggies. They believed that athletics enhanced the collegiate experience and the excellent education received at UC Davis. It was important to them that Aggie student-athletes always demonstrated the principle of good sportsmanship while competing. Both Woody and Bernice strongly believed these ideals were accomplished, learned and taught through participation in all areas of athletics and sports.

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