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Initiated by the inaugural members of the Women & Philanthropy Advisory Council, this fund supports the Women & Philanthropy Impact Award, which recognizes faculty and staff who have demonstrated the advancement of women in their respective fields and/or who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and have made significant contributions to UC Davis, California, national and/or global communities, and which provides support to a UC Davis area of the awardees' choosing.

This fund is building toward a Fund Functioning as an Endowment to provide support for the awardees' designated program/fund for the long-term. If unable to reach endowment level, donations to this fund will provide current use support for the same purpose.

If you would like your gift to support the Impact Award in the near future, please consider giving to the current use Women & Philanthropy Impact Award Support Fund.

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Sallie-Grace Tate
Executive Director, Women & Philanthropy
[email protected]
916-529-5869 (Phone)

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