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The Institute of the Environment’s Sustainability Scholars Program provides internships, scholarships and grants for undergraduate students to be involved in immersive, hands-on experiences on cutting-edge sustainability and environmental justice issues. The students, working as sustainability action research teams, will be mentored by an Institute faculty fellow and/or Institute of the Environment Scholars graduate students and together they will partner with campus and community stakeholders to investigate sustainability and environmental justice issues and work toward implementing actionable solutions and justice measures. Students participating in the Sustainability Scholars Program will be exposed to the inner workings of the grand challenges that face humanity today while developing leadership, team-building, and communication skills within a real-life context.

The Sustainability Scholars Fund is building toward endowment. Help us reach the endowment level to support the program in perpetuity! If we are unable to reach endowment level ($50,000), your gift will be used for the current use needs of our Sustainability Scholars Program.

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