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Gifts to the Polar Forum make several endeavors possible. Gifts to the Polar Forum will support our polar research needs which include, but are not limited to, the following examples. We can create awards for underrepresented groups of students to travel to polar research related conferences. We can build fellowships to incentivize recruitment of students into polar research. And finally, your gift will allow us to invite national and international speakers to present their work at our annual Polar Day, a free and open-to-all day engaged in matters of the Arctic and Antarctic. The Polar Regions are characterized by unique high-latitude systems that are at the forefront of climate change, and may serve as sentinels of future changes at lower latitudes. By emphasizing the relevance of polar climate change to mid-latitude systems, the Polar Forum will cultivate creative insights and opportunities for the development of climate solutions that benefit people in California and beyond.

UC Davis has an impressive breadth and depth of domestic and international polar research, currently housing 42 faculty members, staff, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students with recent, ongoing, or planned future educational and research activities in the Arctic or Antarctic. Polar research and education at UC Davis encompasses a uniquely broad array of disciplines – from sea ice dynamics and atmospheric chemistry, to paleoclimatology, anthropology, and Native American studies.

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