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ASUCD Awards Endowment

Providing tuition support for more than a dozen students annually

Created more than 12 years ago, the ASUCD Awards Endowment started with a transfer of $50,000 from ASUCD Reserves. Through the hard work of students, and donations of resources from faculty, staff, administration and alumni, the Endowment has grown to over $300,000, but the need is great and so we continue to ask the support of our community.

Scholarship recipients are diverse and chosen based on a holistic assessment of high academic and/or athletic achievement, exceptional leadership, service to the university and outside community, care for the environment, financial need, first generation college attendance, and endurance in personal hardship.

The ASUCD Awards Endowment requires a lower GPA and is meant to recognize students who may not receive 3.25 GPAs but are outstanding in aspects of their character. Students who may need the most financial assistance are often those who, for reasons outside of their control, often may not be able to necessarily achieve the high GPA required for most campus scholarships.

A committee of undergraduate student peers, with oversight by the ASUCD Business Manager, is responsible for the selection of the annual award recipients. To learn more about ASUCD visit:


Genesee Dal Porto
Student Affairs Development
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