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It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to juggle the costs of living while working to obtain a university degree, thus many students are finding themselves choosing between basic essentials such as food and hygiene products and the required costs of college. It is for this reason that the Murphy Basic Needs Endowment was established to help the initiatives and programs at the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center and The Pantry.

The Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center is a community space where students may find fresh fruits and vegetables, get CalFresh enrollment assistance and find resources to help find stable housing and financial assistance.

The Pantry ensures no student has to miss a meal or live without basic necessities. Students only have to bring their student ID to receive three nutritional meals, food items, or personal care items.

A gift in support of the Murphy Basic Needs Endowment makes it possible for students to feel empowered to build a community while learning about basic needs resources, such as affordable housing options, financial aid assistance and sources of nutritional food and ensures that students may continue on to successfully complete and obtain their degrees from UC Davis.

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