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More than 90% of funding for The Pantry comes from community donations.

ASUCD - The Pantry is a student run organization that operates almost entirely on donations from the community. It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to juggle the costs of living while working to obtain a University degree, and thus many students are finding themselves choosing between basic essentials such as food and toiletries and the required costs of college. It is for this reason that The Pantry has been established to help offset these financial burdens and ensure that students may continue on to successfully complete and obtain their degrees from UC Davis.

Without your help, and the help from others like you The Pantry would not be a sustainable program. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Gifts of all sizes support The Pantry in purchasing food, toiletry items, and menstrual products to ensure that all students can have their basic needs met. To learn more:

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Lamia Hajani
External Relations and Development Program Manager
[email protected]
(530) 304-5575 (Phone)

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