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OUR UNCOMMON COMMITMENT TO LIFELONG SUCCESS These days it takes more than just graduating from college to be on a path to a student-athlete's most successful life. Many student-athletes across the country find themselves behind their peers because they've falsely assumed that simply graduating means that they are all set for the future. Nobody at their school advised them that just graduating isn't enough, and that they needed to use their college years to develop passions and gain real-world experience. They end up going back home to live with their parents to "figure things out", sometimes taking years.

At UC Davis, we are uncommonly committed to helping our graduates launch successfully into a great job or graduate school after graduation. This means that after sports end, whenever that might be, they're crushing it and living their best life in a cool place as a thriving young professional. Even if they play pro sports for a while after college, we'll make sure they're connected for what comes next after their career ends.

We've built a system specifically for student-athletes that helps them discover their passions, learn about what "real jobs" are out there, and help get the inside track on these great opportunities. It's called the Aggie EVO System, and you won't find anything like it at other schools.

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