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Heart disease is the leading killer of women, causing more deaths in women than men every year. Most alarming is that mortality from heart disease is rising in women under age 50, who often falsely believe they are immune from it or that it only affects men. In addition, only about half of women are aware of their heart disease risks and many remain undertreated.

Women with heart disease have different symptoms and outcomes, and the reasons are not well understood.

The UC Davis Women’s Cardiovascular Medicine Program, the first women’s heart program in the nation, was launched by cardiologist Amparo Villablanca to take the lead in addressing heart disease in women. The program offers specialized, respectful and gender-specific cardiovascular care; partners with community groups to develop effective prevention programs that empower women to live heart healthy lives; conducts cutting-edge research to identify sex-specific causes of heart disease and dementia in women; provides educational outreach to women and health professionals; and trains the next generation of specialists in women’s heart health.

Your gift will support the resources and advances needed in research, education and care that directly benefit the heart health of women.

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