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The Civil Rights Clinic allows students to advocate for the civil rights of prisoners and other indigents. Students have addressed far-reaching constitutional issues in the Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court. Cases have included claims of denial of medical or dental care, correctional officer misconduct, denial of freedom of religion, violation of due process, excessive force, and false imprisonment. Clinic students also are encouraged to investigate matters involving gender, employment, education, housing, and police practices that may give rise to civil rights claims on behalf of indigent clients.

The Clinic provides students with litigation experience, especially in federal district court. In a typical semester, students may do client intakes; meet with clients and witnesses; draft pleadings and written discovery; take depositions; appear before federal judges and meet with opposing counsel; and draft, file, and argue dispositive motions.

Students regularly draft and file U.S. Court of Appeals briefs and argue before the federal court.

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