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Scholarships help fulfill the dreams of students who energize King Hall through their leadership, intellect, and character. They honor students for their accomplishments and enable the Law School to offer the best in public legal education to gifted and deserving students of all background. Now, with student fees rising to unprecedented levels, the Law School’s ability to recruit and reward deserving students is more important than ever. The Law School is committed to dramatically increase the number of scholarships we offer, and we need your help. Please make a gift to the King Hall Scholarship Fund today.

King Hall students are second to none and truly deserving of your support. They are achieving remarkable things: victories in national and international competitions, outstanding bar passage rates, appearances before the Ninth Circuit and other high courts, and much more. They represent victims of domestic violence who can’t afford legal assistance, reunite families split apart by immigration detention, and serve the community in countless ways.

The need for your support has never been greater. Student fees will be approximately $50,000 and we need scholarships to offset rising costs, ensure access, and attract the best and brightest to King Hall.

Scholarships honor student accomplishments, defray the rising costs of legal education, and enable the Law School to offer the best in legal education to deserving students of all backgrounds. They help fulfill the dreams of these exceptional scholars that go on to become leaders committed to serving their communities, the state, the nation, and the world.

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