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The UC Davis Law Review hosts an annual symposium, bringing top experts in diverse legal fields to the UC Davis School of Law. This year, the Vol. 57 Symposium will be entitled Exploring Contemporary Labor Struggles: Responses to Labor Law from Old School to New School and the Frontier to the Border; taking place on Friday, October 6, 2023.

A primary objective of our symposium is to examine contemporary labor issues and how labor stakeholders have responded to these events in both traditional and innovative ways. We will be exploring old-school railroad labor unions, the unprecedented labor strikes across the University of California, and the intersection of immigration law and labor law, among other salient topics.

The symposium will coincide with Labor Summer 2023, the UC labor center expansion’s kickoff event, which partners with labor and community organizations to provide students with an immersive and holistic experience. Our event will be attended by California labor stakeholders including researchers, labor experts, and scholars throughout the country, where we envision a space for substantive discussion and exchange between labor organizations, practitioners, and legal scholars.

We believe that our symposium is a unique and important opportunity to advance the dialogue on these pressing legal issues. The issues we will address in our symposium are highly relevant to businesses and organizations, and we hope that your firm will recognize the value of supporting this event.

We thank you for your kind contribution to our symposium.

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