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The UC Davis Law Review hosts an annual symposium, bringing top experts in diverse legal fields to the UC Davis School of Law. Throughout the history of our symposia, UC Davis Law Review has covered salient topics such as contemporary labor struggles, the changing landscape of ESG investing, the modern effects of guns in public, and more. We aim to host influential symposia where experts will enrich and educate our King Hall community, as well as the larger legal community, on a compelling legal issue.

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Volume 58’s Symposium - Salt Lakes in Crisis: Legal Responses to Ecological Catastrophes - addresses the critical challenges faced by terminal salt lakes across the West. The Symposium will tackle important issues such as the public trust doctrine, air quality, endangered species, migratory birds, human health, environmental justice, and tribal impacts. In the same way the UC Davis Law Review laid the foundation for the Mono Lake decision through a Law Review Symposium in 1980, we hope this symposium will assist advocates in Utah and throughout the West develop legal tools to prevent the lakes from going into critical failure.

This year’s Symposium will be held on Friday September 20, 2024.

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