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The University of California Davis (UCD) School of Law is situated on the unceded lands of the Patwin Peoples. The Native American Law Student Association thanks the Patwin Peoples for allowing us to remain on the lands despite the sacrifices and tragedies the Patwin have experienced.

The Native American Law Student Association (NALSA) is an inclusive student organization dedicated to promoting awareness, understanding, and engagement with Native American legal issues, culture, and communities. Founded on principles of respect, education, and advocacy, NALSA serves as a supportive community for law students who are passionate about Native American rights and issues.

Our Mission

  1. Cultural Appreciation and Education: NALSA strives to foster a deep appreciation for Native American culture, history, and traditions among our members and the broader law school community. We organize events, workshops, and seminars to educate ourselves and others on the rich and diverse tapestry of Native American and Indigenous cultures.

  2. Legal Advocacy: We are committed to the pursuit of justice for Native American communities. We seek to collaborate with Native American attorneys, scholars, and organizations to create positive change.

  3. Building Community: NALSA provides a supportive network for Native American law students. We offer mentorship opportunities, study groups, and social events to help our members thrive academically and personally during their time in law school.

  4. Cultural Exchange: Our organization encourages cross-cultural dialogue and understanding by facilitating interactions between Native American students, other minority groups, and the wider law school community. We celebrate the diversity of our membership and aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome.

NALSA is open to all law students who are interested in Native American law and culture, regardless of their background.

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