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Help support pediatric patients and their families by donating to the A1c Masters incentive program for children and teens with diabetes. The A1c Masters program rewards children who achieve diabetes-related goals with small prizes at each clinic visit. The prizes are given to remind the children how extraordinary they are and celebrate their achievements. The children in our clinic have come to count on the prizes and look forward to clinic visits.

Children with diabetes make extraordinary efforts each day to control a very taxing chronic disease. Few people outside of medical professionals and other families who share this experience truly understand what it means to be constantly vigilant of blood glucose levels; injecting insulin five or more times a day and poking a finger to test blood glucose as often as ten times a day. In most diabetes clinics, visits are mainly filled with advice on “how to do better,” with minimal attention given to praising the efforts these children make every day. Our A1c Masters program has helped to change the focus of our clinic visits to highlight and appreciate what these extraordinary children do every day. Your generous donation would help continue to build this program and will allow us to keep this important program going.

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