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UC Davis is spearheading an innovative paradigm at the intersection of people and population, environmental and biological markers, and behavioral and mental health. The Center for Precision Medicine will assemble unique, cross-disciplinary teams to solve intractable challenges, ask bold new questions and propel research from bench to bedside and back again. We will empower patients and communities as partners in their own wellness, train the next generation of data-fluent health professionals and join these groups in tackling the ethical and social implications that come with this rapidly evolving model. Gifts to the Center for Precision Medicine Excellence Fund will help:

• Revolutionize genomics, patient experience and public health via start-up funding for pilot studies and multi-disciplinary projects

• Fuel leading-edge training with Big Data analytics architecture and critical technology upgrades

• Endow a directorship and six faculty positions who embrace team science and work at the interface of disciplines

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