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Serious mental illness, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, affect millions of children, teens and their families each year. These illnesses typically develop during adolescence, a key period of learning and social development, which can throw affected individuals "off course" during an important part of their life.

The Early Diagnosis and Preventative Treatment of Psychosis (EDAPT) Clinic provides mental health clinical services, including targeted medication and psychosocial interventions, case management, supported education and employment, and occupational therapy, to patients in the Sacramento County and surrounding areas. Its associated research programs advance the understanding of underlying causes of serious mental illness to develop better treatments to help these young men and women reach their potential.

Contributions support schizophrenia and bipolar disorder research in the EDAPT Clinic to help enhance clinical programs, provide training opportunities, and advance research, leading to better care and outcomes for our patients and their families.

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