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Support for the Alice Waters Institute for Edible Education at UC Davis Fund will lead the way to more just, equitable and regenerative food systems – for the health of our children, our communities and our planet. As the anchor program for the food and health pillar of Aggie Square – the thriving innovation ecosystem UC Davis is building in Sacramento – the Alice Waters Institute for Edible Education at UC Davis will be a key example of our mission’s enduring relevance in a changing world.

  • Benefit K-12 students via education, policy and community engagement, coupled with Waters’ aspiration to provide free, sustainable, healthy school lunches for all students
  • Foster curricular development to support food-based learning and environmental stewardship across disciplines and at all levels of study
  • Produce systemic improvements through interdisciplinary research of organic agriculture, carbon-reducing climate solutions, environmental education and public health scholarship
  • Use gardens and kitchens as interactive classrooms for professional development of K-12 teachers and leaders, UC Davis faculty and students to teach lifelong food values and foster environmental stewardship
  • Host conferences, summits and other public gatherings that bring together UC Davis faculty, students, researchers and other experts to address pressing challenges facing food systems and the planet
  • Lead interactive, hands-on projects that support the sharing of best practices among K-12 educators, UC Davis faculty and students, and farmers, growers and ranchers who commit to sustainable practices for the land and their workers

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