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In honor of Dr. Goldman's 90th birthday, TERC is celebrating his enduring influence and inspiration with the "Thanks a Million" Campaign.

We invite you to join today in honoring Dr. Goldman's lifelong leadership with a gift to the Charles Goldman Endowed Fund, which supports research projects at Lake Tahoe and lakes worldwide, including research done by graduate students. With an initial goal of $1 million, we seek to provide research stipends of $10,000 to over four recipients annually.

Help build a legacy to ensure Lake Tahoe’s health and preservation for generations. Your gift will build toward an endowment that will continue Dr. Charles Goldman’s pioneering work on providing science and informed solutions to sustain the health of Lake Tahoe and other lakes worldwide. Your gift supports in perpetuity student research, through providing scholarships for the best and brightest students, seed funding to ensure they can explore new ideas, and resources to ensure that they can attend essential conferences and workshops.

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Toni Myshyakova
Assistant Director of Development, Office of Research
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