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The world has also experienced unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19 and the university has done its best to meet the needs of those who have been most impacted, and paying close attention to those who have the least resources. During such uncertain times, investing in our next generation has become even more critical. By providing career exploration opportunities in applicable workforces, we will create a pipeline of resilient, capable and connected graduates poised to become the leading professionals of tomorrow.

Career exploration while in school is critical to student empowerment and defining goals for the future. Many government agencies and non-profits play key roles in shaping our transportation and energy future. Providing targeted financial support to students pursuing unpaid career development activities in these sectors, is a key supplement that enhances equity for students whose financial circumstances require them to work while in school.

This fund, established in 2021 by Kathryn Henkens, will provide an annual award to support students with limited financial resources, who, without this career development stipend, may otherwise be prevented from taking advantage of low-paying or non-paying career development programs and experiences offered by the Energy and Efficiency Institute, the Institute of Transportation Studies, or the UC Davis Internship and Career Center. The Award can support associated activities which include but are not limited to internships in the energy and transportation field, or experiences within UC Davis such as working with faculty and/or researchers.

These awards will have the potential to be a life-changing gift to a student that enables them to achieve their full potential. By funding our students and programs, you are investing in the talent of this generation in order to secure a brighter future for all.

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