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UC Davis students formed Sword and Sandals in 1921 with the mission to strive for constant improvement of their university. Since then, a campus club consisting of students, faculty, alumni, and administrative leaders has met under the name “Order of Sword and Sandals” to discuss, learn about, and educate others on issues of importance to the University. The purpose of the Order, in the words of our founding faculty leader, is “greater service to the University of California, to develop higher ideals among student and alumni, and to develop a cornerstone for student thought, speech and action.”

In making a gift to this endowed fund, you will provide ongoing support to UC Davis students who have contributed to campus “esprit de corps” through on-campus leadership. Each year, the Sword and Sandals Prize will be awarded to students who demonstrate character, zeal, and dedication to the ideal of service to UC Davis.

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