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The Bay Area Brewers Guild Diversity Scholarship Fund was created in 2023 to both champion and fundraise for a more diverse craft beer industry. The scholarship will be facilitated by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education for the purpose of providing access to brewing education courses and brewing certificate programs.

The Bay Area Brewers Guild is proud that their 2023 collaboration, "This Beer Creates Opportunity," is destined to be the next step towards creating this much needed educational opportunity. The Bay Area craft brewing community is eager to welcome new faces, palates and cultural influences.

By donating to the Bay Area Brewers Guild Diversity Scholarship Fund, you join UC Davis and its partners in the brewing industry in their efforts to increase diversity, leadership and cross-cultural understanding in brewing.

For this scholarship to be endowed, we must raise at least $50,000 by June 2024. If we don’t reach this goal, your donation will still support this scholarship, but will not provide support in perpetuity.

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