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Join us to make a difference worldwide Since 2001 we have awarded $1,700,000 to launch 180 creative projects in international programs and outreach. These awards have resulted in many long-term projects and over $40,000,000 in matching funds and grants, representing a return on investment ratio of 1 to 23. However, we are only able to fund 25% of the requests. Help us to stimulate the next generation of innovative global research and education initiatives, including seed grant programs.

Mission and Metrics of Success The Seed Grants for International Activities Program began in 2001 to give life to bold new ideas in international programs. Our mission is to support innovative new programs in the areas of outreach and international programs to: advance knowledge, enrich student learning and help solve society’s most pressing problems. To date, the program has funded 180 projects with over $1.7 million which has generated over $40 million in external funding.

The program has launched innovative educational and research programs in every college and school across the university. The program is a cost-effective means of fulfilling the university’s mission in engagement and internationalization – two areas that are critical to UC Davis’ tradition as a land grant institution and current reputation as a tier-one global research university.

We measure the success of the Seed Grant program by the following criteria

Return on Investment Total seed grant funding of over $1,700,000 has generated over $40,000,000 in external funds. The program is a cost-effective pathway for creating external funds for the university.

Advancement of the University’s Mission The seed grant program has significantly contributed to the university’s mission in the areas of outreach and international programs.

The Global Reach of the Seed Grant Program The program has supported research and educational collaborations in 48 countries. Reflecting the university’s strong ties to Asia, one-quarter of the projects involved China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, and other Asian countries. The other projects involved partnerships and collaborations in Latin America, Europe, North America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Impact Across the University Global Affairs, with the support of the Deans, have funded projects in every college and school. Over one-third of the projects were in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, one-third in Letters and Science, and nearly ten percent in the College of Engineering.

Valuable New Partnerships The program has helped faculty forge important external relationships with benchmark universities, government agencies, industry, and other key organizations. Faculty have collaborated with leading universities around the world, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Cambridge University, Middle East Technical University, American University in Cairo, and Delhi University. In addition, UC Davis has expanded its partnerships with governmental agencies (USAID, Fulbright, National Science Foundation), industry, non-governmental agencies, cultural organizations, ethnic communities, and charitable foundations.

Summary In summary, the program has been successful in fulfilling its objectives and it offers a cost-effective method for stimulating innovative projects that advance the university’s mission in the core areas of engagement and internationalization.

Giving to UC Davis UC Davis and in particular Global Affairs are committed to infusing an international dimension into all that we do. Since its creation in 1998, Global Affairs has actively partnered with other campus units to provide campus leadership for international research, education, and outreach. As we look towards the future our goal is to continue to build a truly international community. We have identified four development initiatives that are critical to achieve this goal. We invite you to partner with us; only together can we prepare for a global future.


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