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UC Davis recognizes that there is a need for continued global engagement to support the well-being and rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and to raise awareness of the challenges faced by these individuals in countries across the globe. To support and enact these opportunities, Global Affairs has launched a current-use fund, the Global Aggies Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights, thanks to the generosity of former UC Davis Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and former Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter and his husband Manfred Kollmeier.

The Global Aggies Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights will support UC Davis students in gaining global learning experiences that advance local and global LGBTQIA+ issues and address the needs and strengths of the LGBTQIA+ community. The new fund aligns with UC Davis’ commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice, and to educating the next generation of change makers. As a part of this commitment, Global Affairs is championing a campus initiative and Provost’s Priority of Global Education for All—a goal aiming to provide 100% of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with global learning opportunities that change their lives and our world.

This award represents a unique opportunity for students. UC Davis will be among the first universities to provide students with funding and support to learn about and advance LGBTQIA+ well-being and rights beyond traditional study abroad programs, including through domestic, experiential and research opportunities. Meet QT Lab: Winner of the 2022 Global Aggies Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights

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