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For many cats and dogs, they face their time of greatest need when homeless. Millions of companion animals enter shelters across the country, but more than half will never leave. Some may have been found as strays, while others may have been injured as victims of cruelty. Unfortunately, an injury, such as a fracture, becomes a common barrier to adoption. But with the proper treatment, a fracture is often a correctable medical problem. Providing needed surgery for these rescued animals will help them to overcome this barrier and go on to become pets of loving families.

Our Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is at the forefront of performing the most complex surgical procedures in veterinary medicine. Through the hospital’s Fracture Program for Rescue Animals, we are able to share our expertise with shelters and rescue groups to help injured animals.

While helping these patients, the UC Davis Fracture Program for Rescue Animals also enhances learning opportunities for residents and students. They gain invaluable exposure to fracture repair, thus contributing to their education. These fortunate rescued cats and dogs begin their journey to healing and enjoying a healthy and long life.

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