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The Vet Med Influencer Fund provides general program support for the purchase of equipment at the Hospital.

If you’d like to do something for us, we ask you do it in a Life Saving Way. The Brocks

In 2019, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine's veterinary hospital saved the life of our beloved dog, Kit (Kitsune) who had a rare condition seldom able to be fixed by other Vet facilities. The experience made us aware of the incredible research and lifesaving work this institution performs in addition to training a greatly needed new generation of veterinarians. Donations to the school help pay for much needed equipment, from mundane crash carts to ground-breaking imaging and scanning machines, scholarships, in-the-field veterinarian services for underserved communities, medical expenses for owners who need financial help and much, much more. The school resides in Davis, California but they take referral patients (animals) from around the world.

Gayle volunteers her time to the school as a member of their Dean’s Leadership Council. In a council meeting she learned that often donators like to help purchase the big ticket, sexy items such as imaging and radiation machines. There is however a large need for donations to purchase simpler items such as crash carts, dog runs, and mobile anesthesia machines. The hospital facility which was built decades ago to handle 5,000 animals a year has served more than 50,000 animals a year the last few years. With the help of our wonderful Kit's fans, we hope to make an immediate difference in enabling the veterinary hospital to help more animals.

Gifts to the Influencer Fund will support the purchase of much-needed equipment for the UC Davis veterinary hospital's ER/ICU and the Advanced Veterinary Surgery Center.

We are often approached to support various organizations and often find the majority of funds go to administration costs and not to the cause. We know first-hand how UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine uses donations to save lives and educate students. Thank you!!

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