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The Grammar Rose Compassionate Care Fund helps to defray costs for families in need in order to diagnose and treat their sick or injured pets at the UC Davis School of Veterinary medicine.

In the summer of 2022, their beloved dog Grammar was diagnosed with cancer. Once a vibrant and energetic lady, within days they found it had spread throughout her body and was causing her organs to fail. Even after bringing her to UC Davis, one of the best veterinary hospitals in the world, nothing could be done to save her and she passed away less than a week later.

It was heartbreaking that no amount of money or access to medical care could have saved Grammar, but each day many pet parents have to make agonizing decisions because they can't afford the life-saving care their pets may need. They started the Grammar Rose Endowment Fund for Compassionate Care so that anyone's pet can get the healthcare they need, regardless of their capacity to pay.

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