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Did you know that the CNPRC has a one of a kind Respiratory Disease Inhalation Facility? Well we do and we have a team of talented researchers that work in the areas of asthma. In addition, given the recent number of wildfires in recent years the team is also looking to see what the long term impacts of exposure to wildfires is as well. The incidence of asthma has grown disproportionately in the last decade and we are studying the various potential causes to determine how to mitigate the continued escalation of this issue, especially in children being diagnosed with asthma at young ages. Your support will provide the necessary resources to continue and expand this timely work which is impacting more and more of our children each year. Everyone deserves to breathe free. Your generous gift helps us provide this type of future for our children.

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Trent Sunahara
Assistant Director of Development, Office of Research
[email protected]
530-400-9181 (Phone)

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