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The Covelo Clinic Support Fund provides unrestricted programmatic support to the Covelo Clinic at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

The Covelo Clinic at UC Davis strives to improve animal health and welfare in Covelo, a small town in Mendocino County that struggles with pet overpopulation and access to veterinary care due to financial and transportation constraints. Covelo Clinic partners with a local nonprofit organization, Better Options for Neglected Strays (BONES) Pet Rescue, to conduct 2-3 field clinics each year, each serving hundreds of patients in the span of two days. Clinics provide vaccinations, preventatives, spay and neuter surgeries, owner education, and general wellness care. Each clinic is completely volunteer-run, with veterinarians, veterinary students, registered technicians, and community members coming together to provide care for the animals of Covelo.

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