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The Lund Water Management Dissertation Fellowship will support Ph.D. students at Center for Watershed Sciences conducting interdisciplinary research. The center, which is part of the UC Davis Institute of the Environment, offers students opportunities to have an impact both here and beyond UC Davis.

“The way we do research at the Center for Watershed Sciences is very engaged with decision-makers, stakeholders and people outside of the university,” Lund said. “Our ideas appear in California legislation and practices. It provides a lot of great opportunities for students to see how academic ideas can relate to real problems out in the world.”

Lund aims for the fellowship to encourage students to pursue their own interests and think creatively to solve problems, without the barrier of financial limitations.

“Often, the students who end up changing the field have ideas that are more novel than the typical funding sources support,” he said. “This type of funding allows students to develop intellectually on topics that are of their own selection.”

More information: New Endowment Will Support Next Generation of Water Management Leaders

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