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The Aquatic Research Collective—or ARC—is affiliated with the Center for Watershed Sciences at University of California, Davis. We are comprised of scientists and students interested in the ecology of estuaries, bays, rivers, and wetlands, especially in central California.

A gift to the ARC will support teams of students working on otherwise unfunded conservation projects for neglected but endangered native fishes. One team is working with Sacramento Perch, extirpated from its native Delta habitat, but which still lives in the UC Davis Riparian Reserve. Another team is working on the conservation of Broadnose Sevengill Sharks, a poorly understood species, in their only known pupping ground, the San Francisco Bay. These projects will result in senior honors theses, Master’s degrees, and PhD’s. They provide an opportunity to train future generations of scientists while doing meaningful conservation work.

Our research collective is devoted to the understanding and restoration of the “Arc” of native habitats that extend from the riparian corridors of the Sacramento River to the brackish wetlands of Suisun Marsh and the Bay. We are collective and transdisciplinary to include new voices and ideas, making us a dynamic, creative group that reflects a diversity of perspectives, and produces new approaches to difficult or intractable environmental problems.

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