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Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at UC Davis is a non-profit student organization established to help developing areas worldwide with their engineering needs while involving and training internationally responsible engineering students. Our club partners with international communities who have reached out to our national headquarters, expressing a need in a vital resource such as access to safe drinking water. Collaboration with a wide variety of other disciplines is required for projects to be sustainable.

The purpose of EWB is to design and implement small-scale, culturally appropriate engineering projects throughout the developing world. Through participation in Engineers Without Borders, students get practical experience applying their skills, and communities get much-needed technology.

Support UC Davis students in EWB and their engineering efforts in three communities based in Kenya, Peru, and Bolivia.

In the past four years, the Peru Team has designed and built a 21,000-gallon reservoir and spring boxes for the community of La Huaylla to ensure they have reliable year-round access to drinking water.

The Bolivia Project has been working with the community of Parque-Colani since 2017 to eliminate open defecation through the construction of 25 composting latrines.

The Kenya project partners with the community of Mabinju and will be going on an assessment trip in preparation for building a sustainable groundwater source. The long-term goal is to construct a solar-powered borehole for the 3,500 residents.

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