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Our research group published the first extensive study on the quality and purity of supermarket olive oil in 2010 and received worldwide attention. Our work helped establish the olive oil standards for the State of California in 2014. Building on our work on olive oil quality and authenticity, we published the first report evaluating the quality and purity of popular avocado oil brands sold in the US market in 2020. Afterwards, we received many messages from consumers inquiring about common store brands which were not included in our first study. So in 2023, we followed up with a second report that focused on the quality and purity of private labelled brands (i.e. store brands). Both studies demonstrate the avocado oil industry needs enforceable quality and purity standards so the label on a bottle matches with the actual content of the product. Join us as we continue to expand on our research, teaching and outreach activities on oil quality, purity, safety and sustainability.

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