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Named after 46 year UC Davis Athletics veteran and national leader in the development of women's athletics, the Marya Welch Initiative for Women's Athletics strives to provide new, recurring, and comprehensive support for all of our women's teams. As a group, the mission is to raise awareness and financial support for women's athletics by recruiting and retaining Marya Welch Initiative support group members, increasing visibility for UC Davis' 16 NCAA women's sports, raising special project funds and increasing participation at women's contests.

The Marya Welch Initiative will allow women's sports head coaches to build the financial foundation necessary to compete in their respective conferences and afford the best opportunity to female student-athletes to ensure their success in competition, school, and after graduation. Gathering together all former female student-athletes and fans, this group is stronger and makes a larger impact than as individual teams and groups. The focus is on those willing to make a financial investment to help the betterment of all of our women's teams. All gifts up to $1.5M will be matched.

For more information, please contact Liz Martin at (530) 574-8623 or [email protected].

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