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The UC Davis College of Letters and Science Beyond the Classroom initiative supports opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research, internships, study abroad, fieldwork, and mentorship.

“Beyond the classroom” experience is integral to student academic success and is a significant investment in career development. Financial barriers are the leading reason students do not participate in these important opportunities, as their “beyond the classroom” time often has to be prioritized into work which provides income. This reality is most pressing for our students of underrepresented communities. The College of Letters and Science seeks to alleviate these pressures and facilitate equitable development through funding students in their “beyond the classroom” pursuits. By covering the cost of, or paying students to, participate in research, internships, study abroad, fieldwork, and mentorship we can make a powerful impact in the futures of our students, and through them, the future of our world.

This fund provides general program support to the UC Davis Chemistry Department, which will allow the Chemistry Department to provide experiential learning opportunities to undergraduate students that may include but are not limited to supporting the following; research, field study, study abroad, and internships by and for undergraduate majors in the Chemistry Department, organizing and hosting research-oriented conferences, travel by students to attend conferences and/or workshops, research-related expenses, mentorship, and other activities to promote original work and career-supportive experiences by and for students.

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