UC Davis Grand Challenges is harnessing the power of the university to help solve the world's wicked problems. The initiative supports transdisciplinary research and connects the campus community around solution-oriented work, spurring positive change for the planet and millions of people across the globe.

Focusing initially on the Climate Crisis, Emerging Health Threats, Sustainable Food Systems and Reimagining the Land-Grant University, Grand Challenges puts social and environmental justice at the forefront of its work. The initiative facilitates the creation of campus-wide teams, organizes product-centered strategic covenings, and secures the participation of underrepresented disciplines to strengthen our university.

Addressing the planet’s most complex issues requires new perspectives and visionary action. Grand Challenges is working across boundaries to support these perspectives and to ensure that UC Davis is taking the bold steps necessary to amplify its global impact.


Jonna Mazet
Vice Provost of Grand Challenges
[email protected]
530-752-5006 (Phone)