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The King Hall Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) was established in 1990 to assist recent graduates entering public interest/public benefit legal employment with educational loan repayment. In the past, it was difficult for many graduates to seriously consider this worthwhile and rewarding employment option because of educational debt burden and the corresponding payments. The LRAP program has effectively removed the employment barrier by offering interest free loans to qualified graduates.

UC Davis Law's LRAP is a forgivable loan program. Twice during the calendar year LRAP recipients apply for a forgivable loan that covers a six month loan period--January through June and July through December. Recipients use the LRAP proceeds to make regularly scheduled student loan payments to the holders of their education loans. At the end of the six month loan period recipients submit documentation which confirms loan payments were made on time and in the amounts previously agreed upon.

After one full year of eligible employment, the previous LRAP loan is forgiven and a new six month LRAP loan is issued. This cycle repeats every six months as long as the recipient remains eligible for LRAP.

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