Donate to Dermatology Research and Education Fund

Our dermatology team, comprised of board-certified dermatologists with extensive experience and diverse capabilities, is committed to meeting our patients’ needs with expertise, thoroughness, and above all, compassion. The UC Davis Health Department of Dermatology is a leader in treating even the most complex skin disorders such as cutaneous lymphoma, hair loss, lupus, and skin ulcers.

The early treatment of skin cancer is essential, and the Department of Dermatology includes surgeons with expertise in Mohs surgery, a state-of-the-art procedure that produces a high cure rate and allows surgeons to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells to save more healthy tissue. Our dermatopathology team, specializing in diagnosis, provides accurate, clinically relevant, and timely diagnoses to dermatologists and pathologists throughout Northern California and beyond. Our team also offers cosmetic dermatology services that provide advanced and clinically proven treatments to restore skin’s healthy and youthful appearance.

The department has expanded its research endeavors in recent years and the work we do has made groundbreaking contributions to science and medicine in areas such as cancer immunology, immunotherapies, autoimmune diseases, and skin and wound repair. With ten labs dedicated to these efforts, our faculty and researchers conduct innovative, rigorous, and high-impact clinical studies to advance our understanding of skin diseases and discover novel therapies to benefit patients.

The UC Davis Health Department of Dermatology is committed to continue leading the nation in dermatologic research, treatments, and patient care and your donation will go a long way to support our growing success.


Reese Scherber
Senior Director of Development
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