Founded in 1991, the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) has grown to become the leading U.S. university research center focusing on the energy and environmental aspects of transportation. It has 60 affiliated faculty and more than 120 graduate students. With the urgent need for cleaner fuels and more energy-efficient vehicles, ITS-Davis is at the helm of some of today’s most vital research programs. Increasingly, it is also assessing the role land use design will play in reducing vehicle miles traveled.

Our graduate programs help meet a growing demand for qualified engineers, policy makers, analysts, planners and advocates. Your contribution to Friends of ITS-Davis enriches its graduate education programs through grants for student research projects, travel to present their work to national and international conferences, and technology needs. It also rewards excellent scholarship with thesis and dissertation awards. Your support now is an investment is our sustainable transportation future.


Trent Sunahara
Assistant Director of Development, Office of Research
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